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We specialize in treating chronic pain in muscles, soft tissues and joints. The most common causes of chronic musculoskeletal pain are spinal joint dysfunction and muscle adhesions (non-traumatic scar tissue). As a chiropractor that utilizes both chiropractic adjustments and manual therapy, Dr. Caleb Alford is uniquely qualified to successfully address both of these causes of chronic pain.

When treating chronic muscle and joint pain, being specific matters. Only when the real cause of your pain is found and treated, can true and lasting relief occur. Our promise is every patient that visits Big River Chiropractic is treated as an individual. While there are always common areas that need treatment, most cases have a unique aspect that needs to be identified.  That is why every patient is taken through a personalized and complete spinal exam, provided x-rays (if needed), and given muscle/soft tissue assessments.

Our speciality is finding and fixing complex chronic pain.

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Dr. Caleb Alford is uniquely qualified to successfully address the two most common causes of chronic pain: spinal joint dysfunction and muscle adhesions (non-traumatic scar tissue).

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Meet Dr. Caleb

Dr. Caleb was born and raised in Senatobia, MS. He attended Delta State University for his undergrad and Logan College of Chiropractic for his Doctorate. He has practiced in Mississippi, Florida, and Tennessee before starting a practice in his hometown of Senatobia.

While earning his doctorate at Logan College of Chiropractic, Dr. Caleb became interested in the muscles and other soft tissues of the body. Because these muscles affect how the spine moves, He began studying and treating these tissues.

Dr. Caleb’s approach to treatment utilizes both chiropractic adjustments, as well as assessment and treatment for soft tissue injuries.

He enjoys trout fishing and spending time with his wife, Lakon, three sons, Bennett, Cooper Tate, and Bram, and their standard poodle, Millie.